our plans

The Goodman Community Center is the largest community center in Madison and we have a big, beautiful home. You might wonder — why do we need more? Goodman wants to be one of many organizations in our community who are pouring themselves into helping young people realize their potential. And helping adults connect and contribute to making our community great — for us all. 

phase 1: construction of the new goodman Brassworks facility

We will restore the historic facade of the building, and build a total of 26,000 square feet for education, employment and enrichment programming for youth and community rooms.

Large community room

Large community room

first floor

  • 27,000 square feet of space for middle school and high school programs — tripling our capacity 
  • Large community room which will accommodate up to 300 guests
  • Catering kitchen
  • Bride’s room
  • Smaller community room
Entrance to administrative offices

Entrance to administrative offices

lower level

  • Wood shop for youth programming
  • Commercial kitchen, for catering and teaching
  • LOFT Lounge

second floor

  • Administrative offices

Phase 2: Reconfigure the original Goodman Ironworks site

As we rework our current building, we will add five childcare classrooms, create a new, larger space for the Fritz Food Pantry, create more rooms for older adult activities, consolidate all fitness programs in the gym building and offer members 24/7 access, create space for the community to gather and reconfigure spaces to be more multipurpose. 

Check back late fall for more information regarding the Goodman Ironworks building plans.