Construction report for Dec. 2017

The mild October and November weather helped the construction crew work through the fall months on the Brass Works building. Underground utilities are connected and the basement and foundations for the building addition are in place.

In preparation for the colder months, the historic structure’s shell has been temporarily enclosed, including the roof monitors. Work is ongoing to restore the wood decking and a stain was selected to match the new woodwork with the old. Masonry restoration is underway, and temporary bracing and shoring remain in the historic structure as construction continues.

At the new addition, concrete masonry walls for the stair and elevator shafts were erected. Precast plank was installed at the first-floor level and a concrete topping was applied. Site backfill continues, freeing up the site for more construction staging space.  

In the months ahead, Vogel Bros. will be erecting the new exterior shell and continue the rehabilitation of the historic building. Shop drawings for exterior windows and doors are being reviewed by Eppstein Uhen Architects for fabrication this winter.

Meanwhile, GCC is reviewing plans to renovate the Ironworks Cafe and gym spaces. Included in these plans is a larger food pantry with an adjacent community room, an increased fitness facility and additional rooms to accommodate the afterschool program.