Goodman Foundation makes a $3,000,000 investment in the Even Greater Good campaign

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Goodman Community Center programs have grown 400 percent in the past 10 years, resulting in 34,000 individuals accessing programs and resources the center offers annually.  The result is the need to add a new 33,000 square foot facility at the Madison Brass Works site — just across from their current facilities. This will relieve current crowding as well as allow an expansion of their best-practice programming and increasing their impact on many more people. The Goodman Community Center promotes healthy, inclusive communities that bring people together and works to eliminate disparities.

Renderings of GCC Brassworks building:

The Irwin A and Robert D Goodman Foundation has announced a gift of $3,000,000 in support of the Goodman Community Center’s expansion plans. E.G. Schramka, executive director and vice president of the Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Foundation explained,

Irwin and Bob Goodman invested in the community center because of its well-earned reputation for being responsive to community needs. The Goodman Foundation continues to support the Center because it delivers a big, positive impact for every dollar we invest. The Goodman Foundation is proud to make another major investment in the Center because in good times and bad times, we think we all benefit by supporting places like the Center, where we can come together for the common good.

The Goodman Community Center is honored to be named after Madison’s beloved brothers, Irwin and Robert Goodman, who, until their deaths nearly a decade ago, devoted themselves to making Madison a better place for us all. Irwin and Bob owned and operated Goodman's Jewelers on State Street from the late 1930's until their retirement in 2001, and they had a well-deserved reputation for being kind, honest, and generous. The Goodmans lived frugally, invested wisely, and used their wealth to make many gifts which will serve the Madison Community for years to come.

Irwin and Robert Goodman toured the Goodman Community Center several times before their deaths. They loved to see the children enjoying the facility and Irwin often said, "the best exercise for the heart is bending down to lift a child," executive director Becky Steinhoff said, “I often wish Irwin and Bob could visit again and see how much we’ve grown, and how many people — young and old — we’re helping every day. What a legacy they left.”

The Goodman Community Center is the largest neighborhood center in Dane County. The Center offers many programs to strengthen the lives of preschoolers through teens, meals and social activities for older adults, a food pantry, a gym, exercise facility and community space. For more information about the Center, visit

What people are saying about Goodman Community Center, and this project:

Pete Vogel, President and CEO, Vogel Bros. Building Co.:
As Goodman’s board president for 7 years, I got to see how they operate, and the more I saw, the more impressed I was. Goodman is a well-run business — it just happens to be in the business of making a big, positive impact on people’s lives. And it does that well. Not surprisingly, it has become a cherished resource for people in the greater Madison area and for some of their programs, throughout Dane County. It’s a special place. When Vogel Bros. has a project with the Goodman Community Center — all my staff want to be a part of it, whether it’s paid, or volunteer.

Mary Lang Sollinger, Chair, GCC Even Greater Good Campaign:
I’ve donated many hours to many worthy projects and causes, but I count my time as chair of Goodman’s One Family Campaign as one of the best investments I’ve ever made — their home at the historic Ironworks site has been an incredible gift for both the east side and for Madison. I think Goodman’s expansion to the neighboring Madison Brassworks site is the perfect opportunity for us all to make another — or a first — rewarding investment in our community.

Souphaphone Maddox, Private wealth advisor, BMO Private Bank
As a board member and parent of a son who has attended programs at Goodman, I’ve seen up close the thoughtful collaborative work that makes programs both effective and efficient. Goodman is run like a forward-thinking business with budgets that support strategic goals and staff who work toward specific, measurable outcomes. They’ve been entrusted to run city-wide programs because their strong partnerships with schools, other nonprofits and leaders maximizes impact. I can’t imagine a better place to invest in our community.

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