Construction observation report for Nov. 14

Looked at exposed basement footings to see whether the new slab could be poured lower than presently designed (requested by H&H). Footing depth is about 14” below top of original slab.

Looked at remaining brick wall, south side of multipurpose room 104. A portion of the south wall extending to column grid 4.8 Has shifted 1/2” to 3/4”. This area will continue to be monitored.

Existing pipe column at b.2/4.8 should be replaced on a new stable foundation pad.

Otie recommends that the restoration mason replace bricks at the base of structural masonry pilasters b.2/5.7 and b.2/6.4. These are severely deteriorated and had cast iron pipes running through them.

Looked at remaining brick wall, west side of multipupose room 104. The foundation of the wall will be braced by the large perpendicular contilievered foundations at b.2 and b.8.

EUA will show locations for new vertical surface-mounted channels that will reinforce the wall.

Existing roof joists rest on the west brick wall but do not appear to be held in place mechanically. Otie will recommend ties for joists.

Basement foundation walls +/- 80% complete. Dampproofing, insulation board and drain tile work following along.

Settlement at the existing south wall continues to be monitored. Elevator shaft is complete. 

Lower level masonry work is near completion. Pipes are being installed in the trenched areas at the historic portion of the project.

ARCHITECT: Eppstein Uhen Architects, Inc.
CONTRACTOR: Vogel Bros. Building Co.

Goodman Community Center