Construction report for Oct. 17

Shoring and excavation continue. A large amount of soil has been removed from the site. The excavated pit is dry despite large amounts of rain a few days prior.

The existing frost wall supporting the brick wall which was to remain, will all be removed from the edge of the building- approx 19’-0”. 

The cut line for the demolition of the existing brick wall to be removed was identified inside the building.

New pine boards were stained and mockups were reviewed in several locations. The boards blend well with the existing wood structure to remain.

The roof monitors have been raised to accommodate the new wood deck and insulation.

This week the existing layers of roof tar will be removed. A crane will be on site for this removal. The existing roof deck below appears to be in good condition but will be inspected further once more is revealed.

ARCHITECT: Eppstein Uhen Architects, Inc.
CONTRACTOR: Vogel Bros. Building Co.