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This project was first conceived back in 2014, when a longtime supporter of Goodman saw a for sale sign go up in front of the Madison Brass Works building. She asked Becky Steinhoff, our executive director, to go for a walk and as they passed the old industrial building, she planted the seed, "Becky, why don't you buy it? Wouldn't that ease the stressors of your crowded programs?"

At the time, Becky laughed. But, she knew Becky wouldn't be able to stop thinking about the possibilities. So, two years later, generous friends donated the money for us to purchase the building. It was time to figure out how to best use the space for the growing needs present in our community.

As wonderful as Madison is, it’s not heavenly for everyone. Many children and adults are hungry. Many youth are graduating without the skills to navigate a competitive world. Or they aren’t graduating at all. Low-income parents can’t find affordable childcare for their little ones. Many of our elders are isolated and struggling to live on their limited incomes. 10% of our seniors are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless at any time.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Race to Equity Report made the case that Dane County is home to the most extreme racial disparities in the country. 74% of our black children live in poverty, a rate that’s 13 times higher than whites. And, only 52% of black youth are graduating, compared with 90% of white and 95% of Asian students. The young people we work with are deeply affected by these disparities.


In our relatively wealthy community, more people face hunger and poor nutrition than you’d expect, too. According to Second Harvest of Wisconsin, 1-in-5 children face hunger and 1-in-3 households has a member living with diabetes.

The need is great and Goodman is poised to make our community stronger... for everyone.  

    After many listening sessions, our plans are, in a nutshell:

    • PHASE 1: Build a new facility at the Madison Brass Works site. We will restore the historic facade of the building, and build a total of over 30,000 square feet for education, employment and enrichment programming for youth and community rooms.

    • PHASE 2: Renovate and reconfigure our current facilities. Add three full-day and one half-day early childhood classrooms, elementary classrooms, consolidate all fitness programs in the gym building, create more spaces for seniors, enlarge the food pantry and add more space for the community to gather.

      Goodman makes our community stronger through:


        •  Early Childhood Education — 4K and Preschool
        • Elementary Afterschool
        • Lussier LOFT Afterschool — Middle and High School
        • Girls Inc. — Girls programming
        • Good Men — Boys programming
        • TEENworks Seed to Table
        • Fit Youth Initiative
        • Older Adult programming


        • Fritz Food Pantry

        • Community Splash Pad
        • Lussier Fitness Center
        • Beautiful rooms, and a gym, for community gatherings
        • Eastside News community newspaper
        • Coming Soon: Outdoor Education Classroom

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        Goodman alumni profiles


        "The Center? It was SO fun, but, when I think about it, I'm better at my job today because of what it gave me years ago."

        Carissa found the Girls Inc. program through Goodman to be instrumental in her development. Now, she is a graduate from UW-Whitewater and works in human resources at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in Madison. She attributes her success to the Center.